Is Life Turning into The Hunger Games?

My dad has always stood by the fact that the world is turning into the films The Hunger Games and Elysium, but I’ve always shrugged it off as something not worth worrying about, to be honest, it isn’t something that I’ve even noticed. That’s until I experienced it first hand whilst waiting to watch Sydney’s New Year fireworks on New Years Eve.

We spent hundreds in order to get to Sydney, we didn’t break the bank but it is the most money we’ve put into a trip so far. But it was worth it, it’s not every year you get to watch the best firework display in the world, right? Getting up extra early on New Years Eve to get into Sydney in hope we get a good enough view of the iconic Harbour Bridge, we somehow made our way to the clearest and most amazing view on the grounds of the Sydney Opera House, facing directly facing the Harbour Bridge. We never expected a view like this, ever, we felt incredibly lucky and privileged to be where we were.

The only negative, people had camped out – something we were told wasn’t allowed, which meant we had to stand all day. That isn’t my complaint, I knew it was a once in a lifetime experience. We were stood for around 6 hours and we weren’t allowed to sit on the floor (unless in the barriers which was stupidly packed), and we were told we couldn’t sit on the benches for reasons the security didn’t even know – before we were told to move for “security purposes” – bullshit.

We were moved from our incredible spot that we felt so privileged to be in and willing to stand up from 8am to 12am without any complaints for – all because we were in view of the rich sitting in the outdoor restaurant. We wouldn’t have been in the way, it was all because they could see us standing there. The benches were accessible all day and the event didn’t even begin until 6pm, so why were we not allowed to sit down until they started to show up?

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so poor or unimportant in all my life.  We might not have the money to dine at the Opera House, but we spent an awful lot of money just getting and staying in Sydney in the first place.  16 hours of standing and waiting around to see something that we thought we could only dream of – all to be moved because of the rich.

The divide between the rich and the poor is a thing, it’s happening day in day out with the richer people constantly being seen as more important. Everything my dad said, made sense. Life really is turning into The Hunger Games and it’s kinda scary to think about what could possibly happen in the future. If a disaster was to happen to occur on planet Earth, who would be the first to be saved? Us normal folks or the rich and famous?

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